Create Your Own Levels

Creating your own levels is easy!  Don’t like that big boss monster in the middle of the first level?  Replace him with something different.  Want to blow up that annoying co-worker?  Put his picture in and blow him sky-high!

Download ZzMain start modifying the actual game.  Save this file to your desktop and then double click it.

The Control Panel

After opening the ZzMain file, you will see the control panel.  Click the top combo box to select the level you want to modify.  Notice that there are 12 levels and 12 practice levels.


You can always see the control panel by pressing the ESC key.

The “<” button resets the time back to zero.  The buttons to the left adjust the level time.

Changing the Bullet Generator

After selecting Level 1, click Tools… then click Bullets.  You will then see the bullet generator:


Select the first bullet generator at time 7.40 (see picture to the right).  While the bullet generator is selected, you can change the frequency of bullets.  To see what it feels like to play with the new bullet generator, you can go to the Control Panel… click Tools… And then Play From Here.  When you’re done playing, press the ESC key.

Now click the next bullet generator at time 1:00.00 and modify the bullet frequencies.  Repeat this process for all bullet generators on all levels.

Be sure to save your changes periodically.

Making Bosses Easier to Kill

From the Control Panel, click the top combo box and select Level 1.  Use the buttons to the right of the “<” button to navigate to a time of 25 seconds.  (Click the “+5” button 5 times will bring you forward in time by 25 seconds.)

Now right click the big Greenie Meanie boss at the top middle of the screen, and then click Edit Enemy Type:

As long as the enemy is selected, you can change its properties.  Click the box under Hit by player bullet: Hits: “40”.  Change the number to 10, and now you have a boss that is very easy to kill.

Making a Playable Game

First, use the Control Panel to save your changes, File… Save (or Save As…).  To make a release file, click File… Release…  The file that is saved has a .Zenix3D extension and when double clicked will run just like the real game.

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