Zenix3D Strategy

When I first released Zenix3D to my friends, everyone complained that it was too hard.  Well, it’s an arcade shooter and it’s supposed to be hard.  The key to doing well is to play the practice levels and know the strategy to win.  Rest assured, if you can beat Zenix3D, you’re in the top 1%. 

If you really want easy, you can make your own easy games.

Enemy Fuel Bugs

Shoot them once and something good falls out of them.

Friendly Fuel Bugs (+5 shield)

Shoot an enemy fuel bug once, and a friendly fuel bug falls out.  Hit one of these with your ship and collect bonus shield and power up.

White: Bonus shield +5
Yellow: Bonus shield +5, and three bullets for 10 seconds
Red: Bonus shield +5, and armored bullets for 10 seconds

Armored bullets are red and go through the enemy to hit the enemy behind.  With these, you can take out a line of bullets and hit more than one enemy at a time when they are lined up.

Enemy Bullets

Getting hit by an enemy bullet: Shield -4

Blue Bullet: Falls straight down.  Armor piercing bullets are the most effective against blue bullets since you can eliminate an entire row of them with a single shot. 

Yellow Bullet: Lobbed in a straight line towards you.  There are two very effective ways to dodge these bullets.  The first method is to move slowly across the screen at a constant velocity.  None of the yellow bullets will hit you.  The second method is to stay in the same position until several bullets are about to hit you and then move quickly to a new position near by.  But watch out!  Moving quickly back and forth across the entire screen will cause them to spread out in all directions and will make it nearly impossible to dodge them.  Watch my technique in Galactic Graveyard: [Coming soon].

Red Bullet: Moves towards you, but always in a downward direction.

White Bullet: Intelligent seekers (but only for 6 seconds).  Shoot the newest ones first and let the older ones fall off the bottom of the screen.  The most effective way of dealing with these bullets is to lure them to the top of the screen and then shoot them from below.  Watch my technique in Intense Challenge: [Coming soon].

Bug Bullet: These are the little yellow enemy insects that get fired from other insects.  Shoot or dodge them.

Enemy Killers (1 through 6)

Getting hit by an enemy insect: Shield -8

These are your basic enemy insects.  Shoot them once and they change color and/or size (left to right).  It takes six shots to kill the big red killer and only one shot to kill the little green killer.

Enemy Insects

Getting hit by an enemy insect: Shield -8

Bee: Hits: 4, Bonus: 10
Greenie Meanie: Hits: 8, Bonus: 25
Strong Arm: Hits: 10, Bonus: 25
Tri-Blaster: Hits: 1
Metal Mantis: Hits: 15, Bonus: 30
Narrow Neck: Hits: 10, Bonus: 25
Big Balls: Hits: 20, Bonus: 50
Scorpion: Hits: 8, Bonus: 20

Space Port and Overview

You get several chances to enter each level, so play levels in an order that will help you conserve shield.  If you find yourself running low on shield you can exit the level before the squadron enters.  You can only enter and exit the bonus round 6 times.

The best strategy is to hit the hardest levels first followed by the easy levels when you are low on fuel.

You must hit the bonus round just before entering Zenix Home World.  If you don’t save your last chance at the bonus round for Zenix Home World, you can not win.  Zenix Home World is the only level that can’t be completed unless you have power-ups going in.


Always pick on the weakest ones first.  Take them out one by one until they are all gone.  Except during entry or when you have a yellow powerup, do not try to spray them with bullets equally.  This will prolong the process and cause you more harm than good.  In high levels it’s good to switch between the two weakest enemies so that yellow bullets can’t get you. 

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