Zenix3D Text

You can add text to your levels from the control panel by clicking Tools, and then Text

Set the text attributes, and then draw the text on the screen.  Note that some text attributes (texture, text type, etc.) are not displayed while drawing text. 

These attributes may be changed by right clicking the text and selecting  Edit Text.

The text type may be any of the following:  Normal: Normal non-clickable text.  This text is always displayed, while all other types (clickable by the user) are not displayed while the game is being displayed.  Play: This type allows the user to start playing the game by clicking the text. Watch: This type allows the user to watch a level by clicking the text.

The combo box to the right of the type allows you to set which level is watched or played when the user clicks the text.

The text box below the type field allows you to edit the text.  You can make the text change by adjusting the script time, and then typing new text in the blank text box.  The changed text will automatically be displayed in the script below.

The script below the text field allows you to see all changes to the text and to navigate to them.  Click a field, the script time will change and the text can be edited.

The text can be justified left, center, or right.

Uncheck the Delete at end of path checkbox and the text will not be deleted at the end of the path.

Click the Rewind button to set the script time to the start of the text.

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