Using the Script

You can view the script from the control panel:

The script shows you all the events in the level.  This picture shows Level 1: Blast Off from the Zenix3D game script: ZzMain.Zenix3DS

Selected objects are shown highlighted in blue.  Selecting an object by clicking it from the script will set the script time to the time when the object is created.  When objects are selected/deselected by pressing CTRL while clicking, the time is not changed.

The red line shows the current time.  Events above this line have been executed, and events below this line have not yet been executed.  Events at the current time (not shown here) are highlighted in pink.

Events are color coded as follows.  Black text is for enemies and text.  Gray is for effects.  Blue is for special commands, such as audio, midi, and attack paths.  Highlighted light green is for comments.

The select button allows you to quickly select a lot of objects all at once.

Clicking Add Selects will select all events with any text matching the text box.  Clicking De-Select will deselect all events with any text matching the text box.

The Next button will set the script time to the next event that has any text matching the text box to the right of the button.

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