Zenix3D Midi

The Midi tool can be accessed from the control panel by clicking Tools… Midi…

The midi file is not played: Only MP3, OGG, and WAV files can be played.  If you want to play the midi file, you must first convert it to MP3 or OGG format.  The midi file is only used for synchronizing effects to midi files (and to make synchronization in general much easier).  NOTE: If you don’t have a midi file for your audio, you can still make your levels choreographed to the music.  This can be done by tapping out an effect on each beat of the song while it is playing.  The TAG field in the control panel can help make this easier.  The first several levels of Zenix3D (including Insect Invasion) were synchronized manually without the midi tool.

Insert Midi at: Inserts the currently selected audio file (list box to the left) at the current script time. 

Load: Load a new midi file.

Rename and Delete: Rename or delete the currently selected midi file (list box to the left).

Midi Script: Shows you all the midi files in the level.

View: Shows you the currently running midi file.  This can also be accessed by clicking View from the effect generator.


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