Creating Levels

You can select a new level from the control panel.

To add, remove, rename, and set level properties, click the “…” button to the right.

The Level Type field allows levels to be marked Normal, Intro, or Credits.  Only one level may be marked Intro and one Credits.  

The Intro level is displayed when the game starts.  The Credits level is displayed when the player dies, or wins the game.  All other levels must be marked Normal.

The New button allows you to create a new level.  The Rename button allows you to rename levels.  The Delete button allows you to delete levels.

The Ambient Light is the color of light shining directly down on the scene and is typically light gray or white.  Other colors can be used to change the overall scene color.

The Star Light is the color of the light shining from the upper left corner of the screen, and is typically white (when the ambient light is light gray), or black (when the ambient light is white).  Other colors can be used to add special effects.  For instance, use red to make the objects look as if they are under a heating lamp.

Attacks per minute defines the number of times per minute that enemies in a squadron will start attacking.  If this number is zero, the enemies will stay in the squadron and not attack until there are fewer than Min attack enemy objects.  The higher this number, the more often enemies in the squadron will attack and the harder the level will be.

Min attack defines the minimum number of enemies in a squadron before they all start attacking at once.

Max attack defines the maximum number of enemies that are allowed to attack at once.  This number should be fairly low on easy levels, and higher on harder levels.

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