Zenix3D Enemy Types

You can edit the enemy type either from the control panel (Tools…Enemy…) or by right clicking and selecting Edit Enemy Type.

When multiple enemy objects are selected, changing an attribute will affect all selected enemies.

Name: Allows you to quickly select a saved enemy type.  This is the same list as is displayed in the control panel Draw box.  The buttons to the right allow you to save, rename, or delete enemy types from the list.  Only the most common enemy types should be saved.  It is not necessary to save all enemy types.  In many cases (for example, bosses) it will be easier to click an enemy you already have and then change the attributes.

Mesh: Allows you to change the mesh (graphics models) of the selected enemies.  The buttons to the right allow you to load, rename, or delete meshes.  In addition to meshes, bitmaps may also be loaded and used in the game.

At end of path: The enemy may disappear, stay, float down, go to the squadron, or attack.  Disappear is normally used for enemies that are synchronized to music.  Stay is used when the user must destroy an object before continuing.  Float down is used for fuel bugs.  Squadron is used when an enemy will enter the squadron.  Attack is used for bosses that attack.

Orientation follows path: When checked, the object will face in the direction that it is moving.  NOTE: In order for this to work properly, the mesh must be loaded so that it faces to the right.  When unchecked, the object will always face in the same direction.  The circle below the check box allows you to change the object orientation.

Mesh Size: This slider allows you to change the size of the mesh.

Can shoot: When checked, the object can shoot.  When unchecked, the object can not shoot.

Disable hit detection: When checked, the object is like a ghost and can not be hit by anything.  When unchecked, the object can be hit by bullets and the player ship.

Hit by player ship: This defines the action taken when the object is hit by the player ship.  Enemy: Big boom, big screen shake, lots of shield lost.  Disappear: The object disappears.  No effect: The object passes through the player ship as if nothing happened.  Bullet: Little boom, little screen shake, little shield lost.  Boss: Big boom, instant death.  Bonus: Extra shield and nice jingle.  BonusBulletX3: Extra shield, three bullets for 10 seconds, nice jingle.  BonusBulletArmor: Extra shield, armored bullets for 10 seconds, nice jingle.  Goto: The player is instantly transported to a new level.

Lock: When goto is selected (above), this requires that the player has completed all the locked levels before being allowed to transport to the new level.

Hit by player bullet: This defines the action taken when a bullet hits an enemy ship. Hits: Number of hits it takes to destroy an enemy.  C: Current number of hits (this is generally always set to zero).  Solid Color: The color of the object just before it is destroyed.

On die change to: This defines the action taken when an enemy ship is destroyed.  Die or spin off: The enemy will either die instantly or spin off the screen.  Bosses are not allowed to ever spin off.  Die: The enemy will die.  Never die: The enemy can never die (except when hit by the player ship).  Change to: The enemy changes to a new type (this is how the enemy fuel bug changes to a friendly fuel bug).

Bonus: Bonus score for killing the enemy object.

On die cut path: Only applicable when Change To (above) is selected.  When checked, the currently running path is cut and a new path will be created (enemy fuel bug dies, the path is cut, and the new friendly fuel bug floats down).  When unchecked, the currently running path is continued by the new enemy (killer2 dies, the path is not cut, and the new killer1 enemy continues along the same path).

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