Zenix3D Path Editor

The path editor can accessed by right clicking an object and selecting Edit Path…

The path editor allows you to change where an object moves, and how fast it moves.

Adjust path tail offset: When checked, all points after the one being moved are also moved.  When unchecked, only one point at a time is moved.

Append new path points: When checked, new points are appended to the path by clicking on the background.  The velocity will match the velocity of the previous segment.  Note: It is generally useful to remove the last point or two before appending new points so the velocity and position are set correctly.

Maintain path velocity: When checked, moving a point will maintain the velocity the segment.  This means that the rest of the path will be moved in time depending on the segment length, and will no longer be synchronized with the audio.  When unchecked, moving a point will maintain the time of all the points in the path, which causes the velocity of the segments around the moved point to change.

Insert point: Insert a point at the current script time.

“—“: Flip the path vertialcally.

“|”: Flip the path horizontally.

Faster/Slower: Make the path (whole, part, or just one segment) faster or slower by the time shown in the button.  Whole path: The time of the entire path will be adjusted.  From here: The time of the path from the start of the current segment at the current script time will be adjusted.  Current Segment: The time of the current segment (current script time) will be adjusted.

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