Zenix3D Audio

You can add audio from the control panel by clicking Tools, and then Audio.  The audio control panel allows you to load music (MP3, OGG, or WAV) and add it to the level.

Insert Audio At: Inserts the currently selected audio file (list box to the left) at the current script time. 

Load: Load a new audio file in MP3, OGG, or WAV format.

Rename and Delete: Rename or delete the currently selected audio file (list box to the left).

Kill all other audio: When checked, any currently playing audio will be stopped.  This box is checked in the “Play: Victory” audio file above so that Zenix Boss Fight stops when the victory song plays.

Fade in time: Allows the audio to be faded in over time.

Volume: Allows you to adjust the audio volume during playback.

Audio start time and Audio end time: Allows you to play a section of the audio.

Repeat: When checked, the audio loops.

Audio Script: Shows you all the audio files in the level.  When an audio file is selected, the event is highlighted in blue and the event properties can be changed.

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