Adjusting the Size of Your Videos And Pictures

VirgaVideo allows you to adjust the size of your videos and pictures.  This effect has both a key-framer and also a master control.  In the example below, the key-framer has been used to adjust the size of four videos all at the same time.  First all of the videos shrink from 100% to 40.9% over 6.71 seconds, then quickly grow to 132.2% over the 0.5 seconds (and then they continue to change over the next few seconds)

To use the size key-framing tool, right click an object and then select EditSizeThe size key-framer (see picture below) is shown, and you can change the picture or video size.

The master size slider will adjust all key-frames of all selected videos at the same time.  The key-frame values are percentages of the master size, and therefore changing the master size does not affect the key-frame values or the graph (see picture below).

The key-frame slider will adjust the key-frame size, which is a percentage of the master size.  If a key frame does not exist at the currently selected time, a new key frame will be inserted.  When multiple pictures and videos are selected, the key frame of all objects are changed at the same time.

In the picture to the left, four videos have been selected (see example above) and all have the same key frame paths.  In the picture to the right, three videos are selected, and each one has a different path.

The insert button will insert a new key-frame at the currently selected time.  Even though adjusting the key frame slider will automatically insert a new value, this button makes it easy to add a new key-frame that is the correct size for the current time.

The remove button removes the currently selected key-frame (highlighted above in pink).

The cut button inserts a new key frame at the current time (if none exists) and then removes all key frames after that time.

Video Size Demo

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