Moving Pictures and Videos Through Space and Time

When drawing a picture, video, text, or a model, you can move it around, and it will follow the path you draw.  You can edit the path by right clicking the object, and then selecting Edit…Path. (see picture below).

The path is drawn in different colors representing the velocity:  Blue: Slow, Green: Medium slow, Red: Medium fast, White: fast.  The path nodes are shown in gray, with the selected path node in yellow.  You can select a path node by clicking it.  Using the control panel (above on the left) you can edit the path to make the object move anywhere on the screen at any velocity and speed.

To delete a path node, select it, and press the delete key or click the remove button.  To insert a new path node, set the current time to where you want the new point and click the insert button.  You can delete all path nodes after the current time (thereby making the object stop wherever it is) by clicking the cut button.

Faster/Slower: Clicking the faster or slower buttons will speed or slow the object by 1 second, 0.1 seconds, or 0.01 seconds.  When whole is checked, the entire path will be speeded or slowed.  When from here is checked, only the path nodes after the current time will be adjusted.   When segment is checked, only the segment at the current time will be adjusted.

Draw Modes: You can move a path node around the screen to make the object go where you want.  When adjust path tail offset is checked, all of the path nodes after the moved node will be moved as well.  Otherwise, only the single node is move.  When maintain path velocity is checked, the path segment velocities will be maintained.  This causes future path nodes to be moved in time and loose synchronization with other events.  When un-checked, no path nodes will be moved in time.

Draw From Here: If you want to re-draw the path, set the current time, check the draw from here check box, and then drag the object to a new location on the screen.  The previous portions of the path will not be changed.

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