Rotate Your Videos and Pictures

VirgaVideo allows you to rotate your videos and pictures in 3D.  You can change the master orientation to turn them upside down or at some other angle.  You can change the angular velocity to make them spin around an axis at any speed.  You can even have the orientation “follow the path”, which means that the object will always face in the direction it is moving.  This effect is key framed, so you can have the picture start and stop rotating at any time.

To use the color key-framing tool, right click an object and then select EditColors.

The orientation key-framer is shown below.

The master orientation can be used to rotate the video in two or  three dimensions.  If you click and drag outside of the circle, you can rotate in two dimension (see top right picture).  If you click and drag inside the circle, you can rotate in three dimensions (see picture on right).  The master orientation is not key framed, and will effect the object from the beginning of time to the end of time regardless of the angular velocity.

The angular velocity is key framed, and allows you to start and stop rotating the object around an axis at a specified speed.  Additionally, an object can be made to follow the direction of movement by clicking the orientation follows path check box.  To start a video rotating, set the current video time, click pitch, roll, or yaw, and then type the rotation speed.

You can delete an angular velocity key frame by clicking the line to highlight it in pink (see above picture on left) and then clicking the delete button.

Video Rotation Demo

The following video shows some rotating text:

The following video shows a rotating 3D model:

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