Making Viedoes and Pictures Exit the Scene

If you have a picture or video, and you want it to leave the scene by fading away or shrinking, the easiest way to do this is to right click the object and then select Make Object Exit.

This method will change the color path (and/or the size path) to make the object fade or shrink and then disappear.

First, check the Fade and/or the Shrink check box.  Then click the Time button to set the time of the fade out or shrink out.  Finally, click the Make Object Exit button.  The object will disappear by fading and/or shrinking.

Videos can optionally have their volume fade away as well.

The Make Object Stay button can be clicked to undo the effect of a fading object.  NOTE: When an object is made to exit, the color path and size path are changed.  Clicking Make Object Stay does not restore these paths to their original state.  If you have just made the change, you can undo it by pressing CTRL-Z.

The Make Object Disappear button can be clicked to make an object disappear instantly without fading or shrinking.  When this button is clicked, it is not necessary to first check Fade, Shrink, or set the time.  NOTE: This button does not actually make the object disappear instantly.  There is a 100th of a second delay.  This is done so that you can still see and edit the object on the screen without having to change the current time.

Undo: All changes you make are saved, and you can undo them by pressing CTRL-Z.  To redo the change, press CTRL-Y.

Exit Stage Right…

There is another way to make objects exit, which can be combined with the above method.  Right click the object, then select Edit…Path.  Click the Draw From Here check box.

Now drag the selected objects off the screen, and they will fly away while fading or shrinking out.

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